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In this Cloud era, network storage is required to play a variety of roles; for examples, as an economical data storage environment with reliable access for the entire organization, an efficient data sharing work environment for any OSs, high-capacity storage resources to remote offices, data backup and recovery for BCP. The main themes for designing CLAS TOR2100 are theses roles which are required by unseres. Depending on the contents and requirements of your work, you can choose from the four CLASTOR2100 network storage appliances in the line ups. Each appliance can provide storage resources to the other appliances and scale out into an advanced network storage environment.



A File Sharing Solution, the CLASTOR2100-WS

The CLASTOR2100-WS is a storage appliance that provides file-level data sharing service.
The Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 embedded in the CLASTOR2100-WS supports file sharing among Linux, and Mac clients with CIFS / NFS protocols. In an Active Directory domain environment, the CLASTOR2100-WS enable replication of shared volume and enterprise-level system operation within a failover cluster configuration.


A Fast Block level Access and a File Sharing Solution, the CLASTOR2100-MS

The CLASTOR2100-MS is a storage appliance that provides block-level data sharing service.
LAN clients can have block level access directly to large-sized data, stored on a storage device attached to the CLASTOR2100-MS. This model can expand the bandwidth for storage access and create a HA cluster configuration, by installing more than one CLASTOR2100-MS, depending on the number of clients and the data transfer rate.


An iSCSI Storage Solution, the CLASTOR2100-LX

The CLASTOR2100-LX is a iSCSI target storage appliance that is a block storage device which provides storage resources to servers and clients on the network. The CLASTOR2100-LX employs Linux OS to boosts the stability and the accessibly to the storage hight performance.
Using two CLASTOR2100-LX appliances provides real-time replication and failover cluster configuration that realizes enterprise-class data fault tolerante.


A CDP Back Up Solution, the CLASTOR2100-DP

The CLASTOR2100-DP is a backup storage appliance that enables continuous bakups of file systems and their easy restore
Using Windows VSS snapshots, proprietary data compressing and de-duplication feature significantly reduce the backup storage capacity.
Multiple CLASTOR2100-DP enables a server at a remote location to have backup data replication and to easily recover data from the replication site.






高速ブロックアクセス ファイル共有ソリューション


iSCSI ストレージソリューション



Model number CSW211-12-S032-00 CSM211-12-S032-00 CSL211-12-S032-00 CSD211-12-S032-00
OS Windows Storage
Server 2008 R2
Windows Server
2008 R2 Standard
Suse Linux 11
Windows Server
2008 R2 Standard
Unit number 1U
CPU Xeon L5630 Quadcore 2.13Ghz Single (Dual - option)
Memory DDR1333 Registered ECC 4GB x 3
Network port 1Gb Ethernet x 2(Intel 82576)、 10Gb Ethernet x 2 (Intel 82599、SFP+)
RAID SAS RAID-0、1、 5、 6、 50、 60
Embedded Drive SAS 15,000rpm 300GB x 2 (mirror)
Expantion slot / board PCIe2.0 x8 2 slot / PCLe2.0x4 1 slot
Rear IO port COM port x1、 VGA portx1、 USB 2.0 port x2、Mouse、keybord PS2 port、
IPML port x1
Expansion CPU Intel Xeon L5630 Quadcore 2.13Ghz
Expansion memory DDR1333 Registered ECC 4GB x 15
8Gb FC HBA single or Dual port (support MPIO)
Fornt Drive slot HDD x4 SAS  15,000rpm 300GB/450GB/600GB HDD
SAS  7,200rpm 1TB/ 2TB/ 3TB
Power unit AC 100 -240 VAC、 50/60 Hz
Power 700W Dual
Dimension(WxHxD) / Weight 483 x 43 x 705 mm / 17.5 Kg (without HDD)
Warranty 3 years




8Gb/4Gb FC RAID Storage XRS SF6512E

8Gb FC XRS F6512E RAID Storage

XRS F6512E RAID systems are designed for speed, integrity, and always-on-availability using newly available 8Gb/s Fibre Channel and SAS technologies. Perfect backward compatibility with 4Gb FC that it enables users to benefit from the
increased functionality, protecting their investment in their current technology, and future-proofing their environment.

Drive Slot 12
Height 87.9mm (3.46”) 2 EIA Units
Width 443.7mm (17.49”)
Depth 550mm (21.65”)
External Interface 8Gb x 2/ single controller, 8Gb FC x 4/ dual controller or SAS 6Gb x4/ controller for expansion
No. RAID Controllers 1 (single) or 2 (dual – HA)
Max Drives per Enclosure
12, 512 Logical Drives/system, automatic bad sector assignment
Expansion Chassis 7 maximum
Supoort Drive 600GB SAS 15,000rpm 3TB/2TB nLine-SAS (NL SAS)7,200rpm
RAID Levels Support Up to 96 SAS disk arrays with independent RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and 50 support, selectable strip sizes (64K, 128K, and 256K)
Marnagement UI StorView Embedded




High-speed file sharing Storage Area Network (SAN) management software

metaSAN enables multiple users to share common data files in workgroups where heavy bandwidth requirements are the norm. With metaSAN, film and video editors, digital artists, healthcare specialists, and corporate users can simultaneously access a common pool of data files such as video clips, dmetaSAN_picatabases, satellite imagery, medical archives, or CAD files - as easily and transparently as if the content was stored on their local drive.

Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, metaSAN innovates with true file sharing, native OS file system and access rights management, virtualization for Avid®, dynamic metadata master arbitration model, and seamless integration with LAN networks. These innovations ensure a perfectly transparent and reliable networked shared storage that can fuel the most creative environments in addition to greatly reducing the cost of managing mission-critical resources. metaSAN's user-friendly file-level sharing offers far more flexibility than the more common volume-level based sharing that imposes serious workflow restrictions.



Multi-point gateway server technology

metaLAN represents an affordable and efficient way to connect LAN clients to a centralized shared storage while providing them with block-level access, automatic load balancing, transparent failover, client bandwidth usage control, and easy cross-platform integration between Mac, Windows, and Linux clients.



Cost-effective as NAS, All the same SAN shared storage benefits
metaSAN iSCSI ロゴ

metaSAN iSCSI enables multiple servers to share access to a common iSCSI Target volume. It delivers all the same true SAN shared storage benefits as metaSAN, but as a tailored solution that leverages cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet technology.
metaSAN iSCSI is compatible with standard iSCSI Initiators (computers) and Targets (shared storage) and prevents data corruption by arbitrating simultaneous accesses. Regardless of hardware or software, metaSAN iSCSI allows companies to easily customize their SAN environments to accommodate their particular workflow needs, both from a technical and a budgetary perspectives.
metaSAN iSCSI is ideally suited for digital content creation and production professionals in film, video and broadcast and IT specialists at small to mid-sized facilities handling large files who require an affordable, flexible and high-speed true SAN shared storage environment.